Work begins on Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services Center

Work begins on Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services Center

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - Dirt is moving in Florence to build the new animal shelter. Homeless dogs and cats in Lauderdale County will have a new place to go to help them find a forever home.

"This is an exciting day. We've been waiting for this for a long time," said Florence Mayor Steve Holt.

It is at least three year's of work between multiple city and county groups. Furry friends as well as Wilson High School students came to celebrate the groundbreaking.

"We get a lot of student help on the weekends, kids that love the animals and all of the volunteers who work all the time for the shelter," Holt said.

The new building will be triple the size of the current one.

"And for the animals that will be passed through our doors, it will be a place of hope, and for so many animals who will come through our shelter, it will be the best they've ever had it," said shelter director Leah Fox.

For years, the old shelter has dealt with overcrowding feeding and housing more than 150 pets a day.

"We are unable to keep it clean as much as we would like on a daily basis just because of the number of animals that we have and in such a small shelter, so this new place will be really great for us," Fox said.

Another feature of the new facility is a ventilation system providing cleaner air to prevent the spread of disease. It should also cut down on odors making it more inviting for families to pick a four-legged friend.

City leaders hope to have the doors open at the end of 2018.

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