Alabama A&M audit reveals new compliance concerns

Alabama A&M audit reveals new compliance concerns

An audit of Alabama A&M University reveals the school is not in compliance with a number of state laws.

The report, published on Friday, identifies four new findings and four outstanding issues that have gone unresolved.

State examiners claim Alabama A&M allowed adjustments to be made to student accounts without documentation. Two cases involve traffic tickets.

The audit also expresses concern with the school's compliance with court-mandated instruction regarding the Trust for Educational Excellence. The Trust, which was established in 1995 in Knight vs State of Alabama, was an annual payment from the Alabama Special Educational Trust Fund that was matched by additional grants.

There are also numerous questions regarding compliance with advertising for public works projects.

Finally, the report indicates the speech and hearing clinic did not make sure policy was followed for collection and deposits of funds.
Prior issues noted in the audit include issues with the funds connected with the Wellness Center, the Alabama Endowment Trust Fund for Eminent Scholars, Travel Payments and advanced funds for travel.
WAFF 48 has reached out to Alabama A&M for comment, but has not yet received a response.


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