My Take - Mass Shootings

But instead, I'm standing here once again talking about horrific actions of a deranged madman, who opened fire on members in a small, rural south Texas church.There are no words to comfort the victims and families, there are no magic sayings to expedite the healing of our once again wounded nation.Time after time, mass shooting after mass shooting our response becomes typical. Some will point a finger at gun control laws and others will speak of the need for better mental health recognition and treatment in our country, but little will change other than our Facebook profile pictures that will now be filled with "pray for Sutherland Springs" images.Consider this: domestic terrorism is the greatest threat facing our country's safety. Not North Korea. Not travelers from the eight banned countries. Not undocumented workers crossing our unsecured boarders. Sadly, however, it seems there's little hope that our elected officials will have real debate on how to address the issue. Dealing with and finding solutions to our country's greatest problems have long ago taken a back seat to partisan politics. If a shooter gunning down innocent people at a baseball game a few weeks ago doesn't get elected officials talking, then there's little chance what happened in Texas will either.  That's why this country will weep now… because we know as we mourn for the lives lost in this week's shooting, we also know this probably won't be the last time we will be left shaking our heads and wondering why is this happening and when it will end.  

I'm Dave Thomason, that's my take, what's yours?

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