Kitchen Cops; 8 low performers

Kitchen Cops; 8 low performers

(WAFF) - The Limestone County Health Department handed Saffron Indian Restaurant in Madison an 83.

The inspector reports an employee wiped their dirty hands on an apron. The inspector also reports that a worker put their bare hands on ready-to-eat food, which can cause cross contamination.

Taqueria Acapulco in Decatur scored an 82.

The Morgan County Health Department reports finding dishes that had been washed stored in a hand sink. The inspector also reports they were washing silverware without using sanitizer.

The In & Out Mini Mart in Madison scored an 80.

To prevent rapid bacterial growth, cold food needs to be held at 41 degrees or lower and hot food must be at least 135 degrees. The inspector reports rice and beef tongue did meet either required temperature, putting the food in the Food Danger Zone.

No critical violations are reported at the Fiesta Mexicana on Jackson Hwy. in Sheffield, but a slew of small infractions added up to an 83.

The Quik Stop in the 1000-block of Hwy. 72 east in Tuscumbia, which earned an 80, also had no critical violations reported during their inspection.

Wheeler Dam Market is Rogersville is this week's lowest scorer with a 72.

The Lauderdale County Health Department reports finding a dead mouse. The health department also reports the store has followed up by bringing in an exterminator.

D&D Quik Mart on County Road 14 in Florence scored an 81.

The inspector reports cooked chicken tenders were 10-13 degrees under the 135-degree temperature required for hot-holding food.

The deli/bakery at the Foodland in Hazel Green scored an 82.

The Madison County Health Department reports some food items were not properly date markets to indicate when it was prepared.

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