Kitchen Cops: 9 low performers

Kitchen Cops: 9 low performers

(WAFF) - The Limestone County Health Department handed Donna's Barn & Cafe in Elkmont a 76 for their recent health inspection.

To prevent rapid bacteria growth, cooked cold food needs to be reheated to 165 degrees. The inspector reports reheated chili was well short of that, by 39 degrees, and that nacho cheese was 49 degrees off the mark.

Lucerito Mexican American Food on Winchester Road in Huntsville got a 79 for their last inspection.

The Madison County Health Department reports workers were not washing their hands properly. Also, some food items were not cooled within the time and temperature rules.

La Costenita in Boaz earned a 74.

The Marshall County Health Department reports ham and wieners in a cooler were nine to 13 degrees over the 41-degree temperature needed to prevent bacteria from growing. They also lost points for dumping wastewater outside.

The Hardee's on Highway 53 in Huntsville scored an 82.

The health department reports several hot food items were under the required 135-degree temperature and several cold food items were not cold enough to keep bacteria from multiplying.

China Grill Buffet in Madison scored an 84.

The health department reports they had dented cans of food, which can cause botulism contamination, though that risk typically low. They also lost points for having no soap at an employee hand washing sink.

The Sonic Drive-In in Hazel Green scored an 83.

The inspector reports they were using fryer baskets with broken wires and that a can opener blade was not being cleaned between uses, which can lead to cross-contamination.

The Taqueria El Cazador food truck in Madison is this week's lowest scorer with a 72.

The inspector reports finding roaches. They also lost points for failing to reheat food to the required temperature. Beans were reportedly 42 degrees under the 165-degree requirement and rice was 35 degrees under.

The McDonald's on Winchester Road in Huntsville scored an 81.

They lost points because the drink nozzles in their self-service reportedly were dirty.

The Burger King in the 3500 block of North Memorial Parkway scored an 80. The inspector reports that plastic containers were not clean.

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