My Take - Alabama Senate Debate

The Special Election for Alabama's US Senate seat is fast approaching.  The race will be decided on Dec 12th . This is a very important race between Democrat, Doug Jones and Republican, Roy Moore. Raycom News Network and WAFF have invited both candidates to a live debate.  It would run on December 1st from 8-9pm. It would be broadcast statewide and live streamed just before election day.This debate would give Alabamians the opportunity to listen to both candidates face to face

We're encouraging both to say yes to our invitation and here's why:  Alabamian's deserve to hear the candidates thoughts on a variety of issues………and there is a lot at stake.
You, the voter, need to hear from both candidates on:
•           Healthcare
•           Social Security
•           Immigration and DACA
•           Mounting national debt
•           And many more issues that will directly impact Alabama.

If you agree and want Mr. Moore and Mr Jones to debate, they need to hear from you. The election is just around the corner
Moore's website is –
To contact Doug Jones… go to:

I'm Dave Thomason, that's my take, what's yours?

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