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GSU steps up security but students remain concerned

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The clock hit 12 and hundreds of students made their way around Georgia State University's campus just as they do any afternoon during the week.

Sophomore Alexis Smith was one of them.

"My parents didn't want me to come here because there was a stigma about me being in the city," said Smith.

She says crime was a big reason.

"You can't be out walking the streets by yourself."

So the sophomore keeps up with what's going on through campus alerts.

One of the more notorious cases during her time was the Library North armed robberies.

"I remember people telling me don't go to the upper floors especially at night because your stuff can get taken," she said. "It kinda shocked me, but then again I just never went to the fifth floor."

University officials were alarmed as well.

Shortly after the 2016 incidents the number of officers doubled per shift, additional cameras were installed, and library security increased.

Smith says the extra security precautions have been working.

"I see police all the time, especially GSU police they hang around all the time."

But GSU online stats show a seemingly similar trend between 2016 and 2017.

Seven active crime alerts posted last year, and five have occurred this year.

Benjamin says "it's a greater presence now. As I walk around I see a lot more officers."

Some students avoid carrying cell phones and valuables in their hands, and choose not to wear headphones at night.

The university documents crimes ranging from sex offenses to arson.

"When you have a larger concentration of people you're going to have more crime."

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