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Residents fed up with booting in downtown Decatur

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If you visit downtown Decatur, you know parking can be a challenge and costly if you don't watch out. Some DeKalb County residents told CBS46 that booting companies are out to get you if you don't read the signs.

There is plenty to see and do in Decatur, and parking is at a premium.

"They're just very aggressive and they're nasty about it," says Kimberley Schoon, who is a booting victim. She lives and works in the city and said more and more people are now giving Decatur the boot.

"What they're doing is driving customers away. I think the growing feeling in this community is how aggressive they are, and they have no sympathy, and they do not care if you've made a purchase or not," says Schoon.

She says it wasn't that long ago when she went to the CVS Pharmacy at Commerce Square, and while waiting on a prescription her car was booted.

"I talked to the guy. I said, look it's my birthday and he said, 'Yeah, I saw you were only gone 10 minutes. You shouldn't have left the lot.' I said, I'm still engaged in business."

Not feeling well, she had crossed the street to get a sandwich and returned to pick up her medicine. 

"[The issue is] unclear language in their signs," says Schoon. "I think that is one of their biggest issues, and how aggressive the company is at enforcing them."

Other patrons agree.

Bertha Harris said her son was booted while eating at Chipotle and never left the parking lot.

"That is wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong!" says Harris. "I think it's a money thing with them. Seventy-five easy dollars."

It's not only quick cash for the booters, some say it's driving customers out of town.

"If this story gets into the general public, you will find hundreds and hundreds of people who have been legitimate patrons with receipts that can show they were booted and had to pay the $75 to leave, and then they don't come back."

CBS46 reached out to one of the booting companies in Decatur and asked if they would talk about the complaints. They declined. 

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