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Atlanta mayoral candidate accuses another of dirty campaign tactics

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Early voting begins soon for the Atlanta mayoral race and it's heating up as one candidate is accusing another of using dirty tactics.

That's after canvassers for the Peter Aman campaign went to a woman's home in an attempt to convince her that Aman was the right choice. But there was only one hangup. The woman had a Cathy Woolard campaign sign in her front yard. And it was in Woolard's own neighborhood.

In an incident caught on home surveillance video, the canvassers attempt to talk with the woman about the Aman campaign. That's when she asks them if they saw the Cathy Woolard sign in her front yard. 

"Did you see the Cathy Woolard sign in the front?" asks the woman. 

"We did, but did you know that she's currently polling in 6th and is considering putting her support behind Peter?" asks one of the canvassers.

"She's doing what?" the woman asks.  

"She's currently polling in 6th place, and the rumor has it that's she going to throw her support behind Peter prior to the runoff." said the canvasser.

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Cathy Woolard astounded at the incident

Candidate Cathy Woolard says she can't believe Aman would do such a thing.

"I can't believe that they sent canvassers out into my own neighborhood to talk to my neighbors who had signs in my yard and telling them I was dropping out of the race to support Peter. It's ridiculous," said Woolard.

Woolard, the former city council president, says she's always been the underdog as a campaigner. But she mostly wins in the end, which she expects to do in the mayoral race.

"I don't believe the polls because they are not really good samples. But if you do believe them, he's spent a million of his own dollars and he's not gotten anywhere so I'd be a little nervous if I were him," continues Woolard.

Despite repeated attempts, Aman would not give CBS46 an on camera interview about the incident, but he has apologized. He says the staffer who lied has been fired.

Woolard says Aman walks the walk when it comes to ethics, but doesn't do a good job at making sure his operatives talk the talk.

"I appreciate it but I don't know how many doors they knocked and spread misinformation around to before we got wind to it," says Woolard. "It's an unfortunate thing to think that people are actually at the door telling people things that are completely untrue."

This isn't the first controversy Aman has found himself in. He's also accused fellow candidate Mary Norwood of using taxpayer dollars to pay city staffers to work on her campaign.

Meanwhile, early voting begins on Monday, October 16 and continues through Friday, November 3. Election day is November 7. If a runoff is necessary, it would be held on December 5.

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