NBC's Jeff Rossen talks to WAFF 48 News Today

NBC's Jeff Rossen talks to WAFF 48 News Today

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Jeff Rossen, NBC's National Investigative Correspondent and host of the Today show's Rossen Reports stopped in to talk with WAFF 48 News Today on Tuesday morning to talk about his new book, 'Rossen to the Rescue'.

Rossen spoke about all his tips and tricks from his new book on his investigations around the world for Rossen Reports. Rossen to the Rescue is the ultimate guide to surviving day-to-day and extreme catastrophes.

In the book, it covers everything from identity theft to fighting a house fire, with sections on practical everyday catastrophes like emergency medicine and online safety to more extenuating circumstances like fighting a house fire and escaping an avalanche.

It also includes favorite sections from the Rossen Reports on NBC Today and new never-before-seen tips and tricks.

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