Sardis High School holds active shooter drill

Sardis High School holds active shooter drill

ETOWAH COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Sardis High School held an active shooter drill with the Etowah County Sheriff's Office on Thursday.

The school considered cancelling the drill after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, but administrators said they felt it was important to continue with the drill as planned.

Students and faculty went through a simulation, participated in "run,hide,fight" training and then discussed what they learned from the drill, ranging from looking for exits to finding a secure place to hide.

Each classroom went to a centralized location chosen by the teacher. Some stayed inside and some escaped to various areas around the school. At the end of the drill, students and faculty met for a reunification at the football field.

Initial reaction from the students was shock and realization of what was happening, and then their instincts kicked in.

"I had a right shoulder injury. And when they shot, I was in the chair," said Blake Wright, who was one of four students that volunteered to play a victim.

He followed the instructions given to him for the drill.

"So, I had to lay in the floor with my arm covered. And the medics came and took care of me, took me out and they took care of me," he said.

Principal Wendy Gibbs said they color-coded the hallways in the building to help first responders navigate through the school much faster in an active shooter situation. Teachers are working with the students to remember which color goes with which hall so they can be prepared during an emergency 911 call.

Students say they now feel much better prepared for an active shooter situation after Thursday's drill, whether in be at school or at public place, such as a concert venue, mall, restaurant or sporting event.

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