Scottsboro gun shop owner expects bump fire sales to rise after Vegas shooting

Scottsboro gun shop owner expects bump fire sales to rise after Vegas shooting

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) - At least one Sand Mountain gun dealer believe sales of bump fire stocks will increase after the Las Vegas shooting.

The owner of Gonzo Tactical in Scottsboro said he started getting calls as soon as the word Slide Fire was mentioned in the media. It's called a bump fire stock.

"So as long as you're holding pressure on the upper, letting it slide in your hand, it's going to just bounce and fire," said Matthew Butler, owner of Gonzo Tactical.

They're getting a lot of attention after authorities identified it as the device used on a tactical weapon in the Las Vegas shooting. Although it can't fire quite as fast as an automatic, it doesn't require any special permits to own one.

"Absolutely nothing. Come in here and as long as you are old enough to buy anything else in here, you're old enough to buy one of these," Butler said.

While more expensive, some companies are coming out with newer devices to convert a semiautomatic weapon to a rapid fire weapon. One such device is a binary trigger.

"Instead of a stock, it's a trigger mechanism that fires when you pull and when you release the trigger. It's a little easier and more accurate to use," said Butler.

Butler said calls and sales typically go up concerning a gun device when there's concern Congress may impose restrictive gun legislation.

He said they've been on the market for years and customers primarily want them as a novelty.

"It's pretty much for spraying a lot of lead downrange real quick just for fun," he said.

Butler said he anticipates getting a shipment of Slide Fire in on Thursday.

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