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People again gather to support, oppose local Confederate monument


Dozens of people who support keeping a Confederate monument at the Madison County Courthouse held a “Dixie Rally” today. 

There were also dozens of others who came out to call for the statue’s removal.

They were there representing two sides—both figuratively and literally.

City buses were parked in between the two groups to prevent direct interaction. On one side, the pro-Confederate monument people, who had a permit for the demonstration.

On the other side of the bus barrier, those who continue to call for the removal of the monument at the courthouse.

For those who want the monument to remain, they say statues like it honor their heritage. They say that Confederate symbols represent history, not hate.

"When you tear down these monuments, you get rid of the facts behind it. You put up some revised history and try to subjugate an entire culture, an entire people. And that's just wrong," said supporter Matthew Joe Mallory.

Those that oppose the statues disagree, insisting that hate and racism are part and parcel of the Confederacy. 

"Anytime anyone comes out in favor of someone who their doctrine is to support slavery, to rape, murder, massacre people, to separate families; if that's not racism, what is," asked Curtis Turner.

Several of the people who favor keeping the monument here tell us they are not racists and that it angers them when groups like the KKK use Confederate symbols.

But those who want it removed say there is no way to separate honoring those who fought to maintain slavery from present-day racism.

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