Clements High School students raising money to help Harvey survivors

Clements High School students raising money to help Harvey survivors

ATHENS, AL (WAFF) - Some students in the Tennessee Valley want to do what they can to help those devastated by Tropical Storm Harvey. The Key Club at Clements High School is fundraising to buy backpacks and shoes for students in Texas. Their goal is to raise $10,000 in the next three weeks.

"When we went through the tornadoes it was a really bad time, so a lot of people helped us so this is a way to give back and help," said junior Tessa Mclyea.

The high school students said they know what it's like to have little to nothing after a natural disaster. Now they say it's their turn to give. The high school students are specifically raising money to help families in the Rockport-Houston area buy new shoes and backpacks for their school-aged children.

"We were personally affected by tornadoes in recent years and it hit us hard and we had a lot of help and support during those tough times and we just want to give back what we got. We want to show the support that we felt," said senior Jennifer Strickert.

They'll have donation jars on teachers' desks and will be sharing a fundraising page on Facebook.

"All of the people in the community and all the people in the school need to realize that there are things that happen or we might not witness but we can still help," said senior Annelise Lemay.

They hope by next month they'll be able to bring the backpacks and shoes down to Houston.

"I love helping others and seeing the impact that we make, makes me happy," said junior Chaela Redd.

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