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Jackson County Elementary takes new approach to teaching math


Elementary school students in Jackson County will get new instruction in math in a way they've never had before.

Teachers will say teaching this new way is a little more difficult at first but it gives kids a better understanding.

Educators from across the Jackson County School were at Stevenson Elementary Thursday for a tutorial on Eureka Math.

The system had a small pilot program last year, but now it's implementing it system-wide in kindergarten through fifth grade.  

These teachers believe your children will better understand the basics of math when they are taught about the meaning of math.

Jessica Varner says it's a program written by teachers and helps kids connect by using math in real world situations.

"They understand it. They feel more confident. They know the numbers inside and out. They love to do it because it's not just sitting down and doing a worksheet. They understand what they are learning."

"The plan is to expand the program to different grades in the future.

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