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Residents on the lookout after black bear sighted in Suwanee


People living in a metro Atlanta neighborhood are on the lookout for a black bear.

The bear has been roaming through backyards in the River Laurel Community in Suwanee, and the concern now, particularly with children living nearby, is what could happen if the animal gets aggressive?

"I think he got halfway up and then he must have reached out because I don't see any marks up there," said Jonathan Schaefer. 

So just how did the bear manage to help himself to a feast meant for the birds? From what Schaefer can piece together, it looks like the bear used brute force to get what he wanted.

"Yeah, he snapped the rod," Schaefer said.

Schaefer explains the uninvited guest took out feeders at several homes in his Suwanee subdivision overnight.

"I generally don't get afraid, but this one here has the hairs sticking up on the back of the neck," Schaefer said.

He estimates the bear to be roughly 250 lbs. and fears a possible confrontation with school kids or even adults in the community.

"One report I had, he was up on somebody's front porch, or deck, and well, within the front door, and that's when it gets a little more scary," said Schaefer.

CBS46 has told you about bear sightings in Gwinnett County before like one just over a month ago in Buford. In that case, the bear also helped himself to bird seed.

We've questioned the Dept. of Natural Resources about the sightings and they explained the incidents are not abnormal. They said bears do not want anything to do with people but will defend itself if need be.

Officials said trapping is a last resort because it can be a difficult process, and be stressful on the bear.

So if you don't want a bear in your backyard, put away anything edible, and if you still see one we're told to create loud noises to scare them off in hopes they won't come back.

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