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Florence teen returning to school after miraculous recovery


A Florence mother and her family have gone through a lot this past year.

Her daughter Ragan suffered a brain injury Memorial Day and was even told several times she might not make it.

"Thank goodness my daughter is walking into class for the first time after such a traumatic injury and just one year after is a miracle."

"Ninety percent of the people that have Ragan's injury never make it to the hospital."

This is the last picture taken of a then 14-year-old Ragan Morris just a few minutes before the tragic accident. Her head took most of the impact of the personal water craft's collision.

"Her brain had been shifted and torn and at the time when you hear something like that you don't understand what that means and you say it can't be right."

Ragan spent 80 days at Children's in Birmingham and each day her mother whispered this message into her ear.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and we said it over and over and over and over."

With many trips to doctors, physical and speech therapists, the old Ragan started to emerge.

Her mom says the real breakthrough came when she started hyperbaric oxygen treatments which enhance the body's natural healing process by breathing in 100 percent oxygen.

"I turn around to her and she was singing... she hasn't been verbal and she is singing and I say, are you singing Beyoncé and she said yeah, I said alright!"

After 60 hyperbaric oxygen treatments, Ragan is ready and eager to walk into school and determined to do it unassisted.

"We met our teachers yesterday. We walked the hallways so she would know where to go and she is going to do this."

Ragan has had to re-learn how to write, speak and eat but she's one not to give up.

"She does not see any limitations and I think that is why she is where she is."

A first day many kids have but a major achievement for this Florence Falcon.

"I think I'll just say it big, Hallelujah, I mean it is huge, it is not just the first day of 10th grade."

Ragan's family says they hope by telling her story it will encourage others who might be going through a similar ordeal.

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