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Attempted robbery caught on cam; Community fights back

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One metro Atlanta community found a way to crack down on crime in their neighborhood.

A homeowner in Decatur spooked an intruder who was trying to steal his lawnmower on Catherine Street after catching the incident on surveillance video. On Wednesday morning another homeowner’s security system in the Midway Woods neighborhood scared off a burglar.

“We tend to stay close in this community. Quite a few people know each other. There are lots of small kids so that generates sort of a neighborhood camaraderie,” homeowner Jeffrey Evans said. 

“You can try it, but we will eventually catch you,” homeowner Diane Evans said.

Evans said the neighborhood watch group has been battling break-ins in the area by sharing information in this close-knit community.

“There is kind of an informal telephone tree almost. So we find out about this stuff very rapidly and we’re kind of on alert,” Diane Evans said.

A CBS46 investigation found that there have been more than a dozen crimes within a mile radius of this neighborhood during the past seven days, including burglary, assault and theft.  So how are police responding?

“They’re around. Could they make more rounds?  Absolutely, but I don’t think we’re neglected or ignored,” Diane Evans said.

Neighbors say they always look out for each other and work with DeKalb County police through the Next Door social networking site. So the message for thieves is clear:

“Move on. We love our community and we love each other and we’re watching out for one another,” homeowner Sarah Morris said. 

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