Jackson County program raises $10k for student meals

Jackson County program raises $10k for student meals

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) - A fundraising effort in Jackson County is raising money to pay for student weekend meal programs.

The Food For Thought Drive in Scottsboro in late July raised more than $10,000 for students in city and county schools.

Project organizer, State representative Tommy Hanes, was overwhelmed by the support shown by Jackson County. The next step, according to Hanes, is to continue support for the program throughout the school year.

"Remember this is an ongoing problem, it will always exist. And to always think about these children," said Hanes. "When they go to the stores, think about them when they're shopping. Drop a little something in the box for them. And it'll be greatly appreciated."

Soon, there will be collection spots an 9 stores throughout the county.

We will update you where those locations they will be at, as soon as we find out.

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