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My Take - Mentoring

It's that time of year where Alabama students are heading back to school.   The guidance that students get inside the classroom is really important, but so is the guidance they need outside the classroom.  All children need family members committed to their child's education.  Parents or mentors can make a huge difference in how their children perform in school. 
Without a dedicated family, the odds are stacked against them. One in four Alabamians is functionally illiterate. If you can't dedicate the time your child needs, the next best thing is to put your children in situations where they can get help. Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club have programs that provide homework support, team play, nutrition, and access to technology.
The Literacy Council also has one-on-one tutoring programs.  All it takes is one caring adult to make a huge difference in a child's life.  If you have the time make a decision to volunteer to help a student in need.  Your generous efforts can literally change a child's life forever!

Our children and their education are one of our biggest assets.  Let's give them the help they need to thrive in school.  I'm Dave Thomason that's "My Take" what's yours?

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