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My Take - Drowning

In some Sunbelt states, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death.

In a comprehensive study of drowning incidents involving children found that:

  • Most were young.  Under 5 years old.
  • Most were being watched by parents.
  • Most happen in familiar surroundings.
  • Most accidents happen quickly.  
  • And seconds count.  Learning CPR is easy and if you need it you’ll be really glad you did it!

Tips for preventing disasters include:

  • Installing a fence around the pool at least 4 feet tall with locks on all gates
  • Install door alarms that access the pool
  • But most importantly….Always have an adult in charge of watching children swim….100% of the time.

Let’s enjoy summer here in the Tennessee Valley but let’s be vigilant to be sure those we love have a safe and enjoyable swim season.  I’m Dave Thomason, that’s my take, what’s yours?

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