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Asbury High School football stadium not ready for this season

Asbury High School (Source: WAFF) Asbury High School (Source: WAFF)

Asbury High School is the only school in Marshall County that does not have a football stadium. They were hoping to change that this fall with a brand new stadium, but several problems with the construction have forced them to delay the opening.

Problems included heavy rain over the summer and the discovery of a wet spring where the parking lot was supposed to be built. Coach Jeff Powell said one other problem was the deciding factor.

"The sod was going to be the biggest issue, being able to play on it, because sod, you gotta let that sod take hold after so long. You can't just get right there on it because it will tear up the sod. And we just won't have the money to replace the sod if it gets tore up like that," said Powell.

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The head coach said this is especially disappointing to the seniors who never get to play a home game.

"They're disappointed. I've talked to a few of them. They're disappointed. Some of them has been with me since the start, you know, since they was in the seventh grade even, all the way up. And they're disappointed in it. But you know, they don't know any better," said Powell.

"You know, we've always been on the road, but being disappointed not being able to play at home the first time, being the first home team at Asbury, that's really disappointing to them," he said.

Powell said those seniors will at least get a chance to see that new field. He expects to have a spring game there to open the stadium next year.

The Asbury Rams will kick off their 2017 season with a jamboree game against Douglas on Aug. 25. The first regular season game is at Woodville on Sept. 1.

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