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Madison City Schools re-enrollment getting more rigorous

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If you're a Madison City Schools parent, then you know registering your child for school was a bit more extensive this year.

"It was a long process, but I understand it," said Karina Acker, a parent of two boys.

"It took almost a month to get one of my children registered," said Mark Inglis, who has three girls, meaning triple the work to get them re-enrolled.

He said registering his first two was done fairly quickly, but problems arose with his proof of residency for the third. Two schools accepted his lease agreement while the other had a problem.

"I'm not especially angry. It just shouldn't have been this much of an ordeal," said Inglis.

Enrollment in Madison City Schools this year is sitting at roughly 10,000 students.

At the end of last school year, a quick review by school officials revealed 21 students were attending class in Madison when they should have been enrolled in another school district.

With a more thorough review being conducted right now, school officials estimate that number could go up to 100 students not in the right district, hence, the district is conducting a more rigorous review of student addresses this time around.

"Every child has a home zone and we just want to make that everyone in the city of Madison is zoned for Madison City Schools," said Superintendent Robby Parker, who acknowledged the registration process did present a challenge.

"We know we can make it better. We absolutely know that. By no means that it went without a hitch. There were hitches, but we are going to continue to work with the process and make it better for our parents," he said.

Parker said there's a legitimate reason behind checking every student, and it comes down to funding and being diligent with local dollars. The local funding burden for every student in Madison City Schools is about $2,000. For every child that does not pay Madison City taxes, it's the citizens that actually live there that are paying that burden.

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