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Back To School: Fidget Spinners in North Alabama schools


The hot new toy from the end of last school year is still popular with kids, but not so popular in the classroom.

Every kid in the classroom has different needs, and as one parent said, her district has been great at understanding how this little toy helps her autistic son.

Kelly Moore says her son Zach, who has autism, can focus on reading for hours.

 It's other times in school where Zach shuts down. 

"It could be a kid that just made fun of him or got him upset," said Moore.

That's when fidget spinners come into play.

"Those things get his mind off of what's bothering him," said Moore.

Dr. Shannon Stanley of Boaz City Schools says her district's handbook has a section about distracting devices, but not necessarily fidget spinners.

"It talks about different items or things you have in your possession the biggest message is the disruption to students and classes and learning," said Stanley.

Dr. Stanley allows her teachers to treat the toys case-by-case.

"We do have to look at the individual needs of our learners, and our teachers are very equipped and very skilled at being able to explain to students that everyone has their own learning style," said Stanley.

Kelly Moore hopes other parents keep an open mind. 

"Be happy, be blessed that your child doesn't struggle in class and doesn't struggle in school with social anxiety," said Kelly Moore. 

We reached out to about a dozen districts in North Alabama, and most said they have policies against all distracting devices.

Most, like Boaz, said they're open to making exceptions. 

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