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Trooper offers tips for new teen drivers

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The school year is just around the corner and that means a new group of teen drivers will be getting ready to hit the roads. If your teenager is new to driving, here are some tips to keep them safe while on the roads.

Make sure they limit all distractions in the car. That means putting the cell phone away and avoiding texting and driving. According to, 58 percent of teens involved in a crash were driving distracted. Even cars that come equipped with devices to limit distractions can still be considered distractions.

State Trooper Curtis Summerville suggested that inexperienced drivers give themselves plenty of driving time. If you know you live 30 minutes from your school, Somerville suggested that you give yourself 45 minutes to get there.

Always remember to wear your seat belt. For parents that are nervous about their kids driving to school for the first time, Somerville suggested taking some time before school starts and riding the route with your child. Help them to identify any turn lanes they may not be aware of and help them track how long it takes them to drive the route.

Also, an app called Life 360 is available for download in your phone's app store. It gives parents a detailed review of your child’s drive, like if they used their phones, and tracks how fast they were driving.

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