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Survey finds most mothers have been ‘shamed’ about their parenting skills

(Source: C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital) (Source: C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital)
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A recent survey finds the majority—60 percent—of mothers have had their parenting skills shamed at one point or another.

It’s called “mommy-shaming,” and although the number of women who are targeted by this type of criticism is high, what’s even more shocking is the source.

While celebrity parents are often subjected to a barrage of anonymous insults online, for the average mom, it usually hits a lot closer to home.

Mothers reported incidents of shaming are much more likely to come from family than they are from friends or even judgmental strangers.

“Our findings tap into the tensions moms face when parenting advice leads to more stress than reassurance and makes them feel more criticized than supported,” says poll co-director, M.P.H.

“Mothers can get overwhelmed by so many conflicting views on the ‘best’ way to raise a child,” she adds. “Unsolicited advice — especially from the people closest to her child — can be perceived as meaning she’s not doing a good job as a mother. That can be hurtful.”

The most frequent offenders are the mother’s own parents—37 percent of respondents have felt second guessed by their mother or father.

The spouse or other parent is the second most likely offender, with 36 percent feeling judged by a co-parent. Coming in a close third are the in-laws at 31 percent.

Parenting issues most likely to be criticized include discipline (70 percent); diet and nutrition (52 percent); sleep (46 percent); breast vs. bottle-feeding (39 percent); safety (20 percent); and child care (16 percent)

Sixty-two percent of moms polled say they get a lot of unhelpful advice from other people, while 56 percent believe moms get too much blame and not enough credit for their children’s behavior.

And about half of those surveyed said they simply avoid people who are too critical.

The survey was conducted by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and the University of Michigan. Click here to read more.

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