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PAR Pharmaceuticals in Huntsville shutting down


PAR Pharmaceuticals is closing their Huntsville manufacturing and distribution plant.

The company announced Friday that the closure will be happening over the next 12-18 months. 875 people will lose their jobs. Some workers will be let go immediately while others will be let go over time.

“Endo’s key priorities include building our product portfolio and technological capabilities for the future. Friday’s announced action enables a redeployment of investment from commoditized products to more differentiated capabilities and products that represent our core areas of future growth,” said Paul Campanelli, President, and CEO of Endo. 

Workers tell WAFF they were told at the beginning of their shift on Thursday that this could be their last shift. They were told not to report to work Friday, and instead to call into a conference call Friday morning for more information. The workers say that’s when they were told about the plant’s closing.

During the conference call, workers said they were told by the plant’s CEO that they were shutting down the Huntsville facility’s operation and that some layoffs were immediate, but everyone would be out of a job by July of 2018. 

We’ll have more updates as this story continues to develop.

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