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Hot playground equipment can be dangerous to children

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(Source: WAFF) (Source: WAFF)

The playground equipment your child is having fun on could land them in the hospital if you aren't careful. It's because some playground equipment heats up to dangerous temperatures in this summer sun as well. Some get hot enough to burn a child's skin.

We checked out what the temperature was like for the playground at Killen Park with a thermal imaging camera provided to us by Killen Fire and Rescue. At the time of the test it was 95 degrees outside. The swing was around 125 degrees. The slide came in at 131 degrees. Inside the tunnel to get to the slide was 105 degrees and the steps came in at 123 degrees.

Nurse practitioner Deb Putman at Killin's Total Health Walk-in Clinic said metal equipment will of course soak up more heat, but plastic or rubber can get nearly as hot and dangerous.

"Children's skin is more sensitive than ours and they can burn quickly than ours,” Putman said. “A 150 degree temperature on a slide can cause a burn within 30 seconds if a kid is on it."

She suggested heading to the parks earlier, like 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. to beat out the hottest part of the day.

"Parents, still please touch the playground equipment before any of your children get on it," Putman said.

She added a lot of times kids come to her with the bottom of their feet burnt, so she wants to remind everyone to keep those shoes on as well.

"People just don't realize they think summertime is barefoot time. It's barefoot time to a minimal. Again, children's feet can burn quickly on asphalt or concrete," she said.

Also, the health professionals say always stay hydrated before, during and after trips to prevent heat related illnesses.

"I fix us a cooler plenty of water and plenty of things to drink," said Sherry Thornton, a mother.

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