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Redstone hosts Operations Security Day

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It's a one-of-a-kind event at Redstone aimed at keeping you, your workplace and your families protected. Operations Security (OPSEC) Day was hosted by Team Redstone on Tuesday.

Seven speakers addressed different security topics throughout the day, including ways we leak data, cyber security, insider threats and how to know what information is sensitive even though it may not be classified.

"Think before you post, think before you speak. If someone comes up to you and wants your opinion on something that deals with Redstone Arsenal or the military operations, you need to point them to the right people. You need to point them to the public affairs office or their OPSEC officer. These are the people that are trained on what information can or can't be released and how to go about doing it properly,” said Paul Quintel, AMCOM OPSEC program manager.

Examples were used by the speakers to show security concerns. One example was a family vehicle with identifying stickers and plates on the back.

“Here's a perfect example of a typical vehicle you might see out on the highway. It has multiple stickers. It's got a license plate with identifiers on it. They don't even realize they're billboarding to everybody who sees their vehicle," Quintel said as he pointed at the paper showing a vehicle with identifying stickers.

Redstone hopes to bring those operational security issues to light by hosting this annual event.

Redstone officials said even just a simple post on social media can threaten you and your family's safety.

Many who work on Redstone came out to get OPSEC training on Tuesday. They say it helps to ensure Redstone soldiers and civilians are aware and educated on ways to protect themselves from those potential threats.

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