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How to keep your pets safe during summer heat

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The summer heat in Alabama can be brutal for us humans but don’t forget about your furry friends. The heat can affect your pets just as much as it can affect you.

When you leave for work, make sure you that your pet has access to water, especially if they are kept outside.

Make sure that there is a shaded area your dog or cat can rest in to get away from the heat.

Look for these signs if you think your dog may be overheating, such as excessive panting, increased heart rate and increased drooling.

Always check the pavement outside before taking your dog out for a walk. If the pavement is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot to walk your dog. The hot pavement could cause scarring on your pet's paws, which could affect the way they walk.

When it comes to your pet's fur, do not shave it off. Dogs have an undercoat that keeps them cool during the summer and if it is removed can harm your pet.

If your dog does start to overheat, place a cool towel in between their shoulder blades, under their paw pads or behind their hind legs.

You can share your summertime pet photos with chief meteorologist Brad Travis below.

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