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Ride-sharing service at Huntsville airport leaves taxi drivers uncertain about future

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Lyft, a ride-sharing company new to Huntsville, is leaving some taxi drivers and owners uncertain about their future.

Uber got to Huntsville about a year ago, and now Lyft officially operates at Huntsville International Airport.

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Junior Jordan, a manager at A Metro Cab Co. in Huntsville, said between the two ride-sharing services, more than half of the company's business is gone.

WAFF 48 News spoke to a driver with A Metro Cab Co. who said driving taxis is his only source of income. He said since Uber and Lyft joined the Huntsville market, he's seen the calls come in less frequently than they used to.

The owner of A Metro Cab Co., Michelle Jordan, said even though not everybody knows about Lyft now, word of mouth will travel fast.

"Everybody talks. They'll end up using it. It's practically the same thing as Uber. I mean, we have a lot of regular customers that call all the time, so that's what I'm depending on. That's what's kept us going. Hopefully it'll last," Jordan said.

Much to taxi companies' dismay, as of now, Lyft is the fastest growing ride-sharing company in the U.S. It's currently available as a taxi cab alternative at 220 airports across the country.

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