Virtual golf center opens in Huntsville

Virtual golf center opens in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Campus 805 in Huntsville welcomes a new virtual golf center.

Huntsville will soon be home to two new indoor golf entertainment centers.  Top Golf opens at the end of the year on the old Madison Square Mall site.  But X-Golf is now operating at Campus 805.

X-Golf's general manager, Matt Williams, gave us a look inside. He explained how the state of the art golf simulators work.

"It's just like playing golf outside,except your indoors," said Williams. "It's picking up stuff like launch angle, ball speed, club head speed, angle of attack and things like that. It's going to give the golfers the information they need to pick the right equipment or things they may need to work on in their game."

Williams said X-Golf is not just for adults.

"We offer food and we do have beer and wine as well," said Williams. "People like to come in and just hang out. We rent the simulators by the half hour and the hour. It's for both the golfer and non-golfer."

You can check out the hours and rates here.

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