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Mike Pence breaks NASA rules, blames Marco Rubio

(Source: WhiteHouse.gov) (Source: WhiteHouse.gov)
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Mike Pence isn’t known as a fun-loving rule-breaker, but his actions during a tour of NASA facilities at Cape Canaveral on Friday suggest the Vice President might have an inner class clown hidden deep beneath that placidly stoic façade.  

Pence was photographed with his whole palm splayed across Critical Space Flight Hardware with a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign clearly visible on the hardware.

An unlikely candidate for flagrantly flouting the rules, particularly during official government business, the Veep’s misdeed quickly grew into a viral sensation. And he was ready and willing to run with it. 

In terms of encouraging schoolboy misbehavior, Marco Rubio is straight out of central casting. The baby-faced Florida Senator was more than game to play along. 

Pence was just getting warmed up. 

And just went the Veep and Senator Rubio had thought they’d gotten away with their antics, the teacher weighed in and brought the boys back down to earth, so to speak.

NASA was cool this time, but next time they reserve the right to go full Willy Wonka telling Charlie and Grandpa Joe they lose because they dirtied up the ceiling of the fizzy lifting drink room. 

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