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Legal expert weighs in on bond possibility for Huntsville terrorism suspect

Aziz Sayyed (Source: WAFF) Aziz Sayyed (Source: WAFF)

Madison County resident and terror suspect Aziz Sayyed still has a chance for getting bond. The judge hasn't made a decision yet after Wednesday's hearing. But just how likely is it that he'll get out of jail?

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WAFF 48 News legal analyst Mark McDaniel said the judge has total discretion when it comes to this decision. But he said the judge has a lot to consider.

“One of the things the court considers is the nature of the offense. What is this person or any person is accused of doing? If they let that person out, I would think the court would be really strict on making sure they're in certain places, at all times being monitored. And the court can do that,” McDaniel said.

WAFF 48 News caught up with the prosecution and the defense lawyers about what they’re hoping for when it comes to the judge’s ruling.

“I hate to spill the beans, but he's going to have to set a bond. The Constitution guarantees that. It's just maybe one we can't make," said Sayyed’s attorney, Bruce Gardner.

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An assistant district attorney in Madison County said they’re hoping for no bond.

“We firmly believe that if he does not keep him no bonded, we believe the bond will be sufficient, hopefully enough to keep him locked up," Tim Gann said.

McDaniel said it’s a case-by-case basis.

"Generally speaking, a person is entitled to a bond except in capital cases, but again, in rule 7.2 of the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure, if the court finds a person is a threat to others or the public, they can deny bond or set a high bond and put limitations on that person," McDaniel said.

A ruling is expected to come down sometime this week.

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