A Mom's Mission For Justice

Imagine your child disappears for days or years. There are several people who have literally vanished in huntsville.

Missing... And many of those now presumed dead.

"I want justice."

That's the least Bertha Goodlow deserves. But hasn't had for fifteen agonizing years.  Since her son went missing in 1990.

Anthony Eugene Davis was 19 years old. His mother says he was running around with the wrong crowd, dealing drugs. Which is what anthony was thought to be doing the day he wrecked a car belonging to his "Boss."

That's when he disappeared.

"I think the guy that owned the vehicle had him destroyed, killed, I really do. I believe it from my heart because there was nothing he could present him. He was about his business and about making money and anthony couldn't produce what he sent him out there to do and he knew that if he had let him go free he would've talked, he probably would've been in prison."

But Anthony's "Boss" isn't in prison. Neither are any of the other five passengers involved in the wreck, which was the last time Anthony Davis was ever seen.

"Everybody wants to say they seen him walk away and that was the end of that."

That's never been good enough for this mother. Constantly looking for clues to her son's disappearance.

"There was no hospital record on Anthony...there wasn't any police report made on the vehicle that was wrecked."

By now Bertha has come to the realization her son is likely not alive. Still, like any mother, Bertha wants to lay her son along with her search for him to rest.

"All I want is my son's body back or someone tell me what happened to him."

If you have any information on the case of Anthony Eugene Davis, call Huntsville Police, right away. Your tip could bring one mother the justice she deserves.