Kazue Acuff

Kazue Acuff was brutally beaten to death on July 21, 2001.  Her granddaughter found her body  in her home at 3710 Oakwood Avenue.

Neighbors told WAFF 48 News Ms. Acuff called police to her house twice in the week before her murder.

Police believe she knew her attacker, there were no signs of forced entry.

WAFF 48 News also obtained documents stating that the 74-year-old was the victim of a burglary a year before she was killed.  Thomas Edwin Burks was indicted on 4 counts including sexual abuse.  The jury wasn't able to reach a verdict on the sexual abuse charges, but did find Burks guilty on burglary charges.  He was sentenced to 60 years in prison and is currently in Limestone Correctional Facility.

At one point several suspects were questioned.  Police believe someone has information that could bring justice to this murder victim.

If you have any information on this murder, please contact Sgt. Ed Cain with Huntsville Police at (256) 722-7100.