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Know your pool safety tips this holiday weekend

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There have been three near-drownings already in Madison County this summer. Fourth of July weekend is quickly approaching, meaning many pool-goers are going to be flocking to the community pools. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe.

Have a designated watch guard. Especially if you are at a crowded community pool, having a designated watch guard will help ensure your child’s safety. Madison County fire paramedic Russ Kennington said adult supervision is one of the most important things when you are at the pool.

Secondly, he suggests that you put barriers around your pool, like a gate, and also add an alarm if you have a private pool to alert you that your child is entering the pool area. Sixty-nine percent of child drowning victims were not expected in the area or at the pool, but they were found in the water.

If your child does end up under in the water, the first thing Kennington advises you to do is perform CPR and call 911 immediately. Kennington advises against driving the child to the hospital yourself because you never know what the situation could amount to.

Kennington also wants you to know what a drowning looks like. He said that if a child has a head tilted back, their base is just barely clearing the water, they're not making headway or they’re in a vertical in the water.

It’s also important to have your phone close to you so you can quickly call for help.

CPR is important to know because it can give your child more time before the paramedics arrive. Kennington also stresses that pool toys can be a big distraction for kids, so if no one is in the pool, it is important to put away all of the toys so kids won’t be tempted.

It’s also important that you are purchasing the proper floating devices if your child cannot yet swim. Avoid buying arm floats because they are easy for a child to slip out of. Instead, buy a life vest with a strap.

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