Sheffield City Council approves Sunday sales

Sheffield City Council approves Sunday sales

SHEFFIELD, AL (WAFF) - City Council members Monday approved an amended alcohol ordinance that not only allows off-premises Sunday sales, but on-premises sales to accommodate the Sunday brunch crowd.

Mayor Ian Sanford and council members Steve Stanley, Penny Freeman, Ronnie Wicks and Steve Nix voting in favor of the ordinance. Councilmen Gary Scales cast the lone no vote.

Scales said he felt like six days of alcohol sales should be sufficient.

Sheffield is the fourth city in Colbert County to approve Sunday sales after the passage of a local legislative act that allowed Sunday sales to be approved by local governing bodies.

Sheffield Sunday sales will begin July 2.

The amended ordinance allows businesses to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption during regular business hours. For example, a convenience store that's open 24-hours a day may sell alcohol around the clock.

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