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Facebook, police weigh in on violence streamed on social media


Social media outlets like Facebook can be a place to share happy memories with friends and family. There’s also a dark side, especially when violent acts are being streamed.

Most recently, the shooting at Myrtle Beach was streamed through Facebook Live. According to Fortune magazine, since Facebook implemented the ability to go live, nearly 50 violent crimes have been streamed.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted in May saying the violence on his site is “heartbreaking.” He plans to add more than 3,000 more people to his community operations team on top of the 4,500 currently on staff in order to monitor videos that are being reported.

Lt Stacy Bates with the Huntsville Police Department said that violent crimes streamed or shared on social media is something no family member of a victim should have to see. He said that if people are comfortable filming their crime online, then “we’re going to try our best to turn it around and use it against you to make sure you’re not able to victimize anyone else in the future.”

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