Family fun starts at Southern RV Wholesale

Family fun starts at Southern RV Wholesale

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Retirement seems so far away, doesn't? Well it doesn't have to! If you retire one weekend at a time, you can start having fun in the now.

One of the easiest ways to do that is with a camper from Southern RV Wholesale. The Bowman family bought a new one this year, and they are well on their way to living life to the fullest. It might seem impossible, but as a price-driven dealership, Southern RV Wholesale can help you get into an RV so you can start having family fun.

"We didn't want to wait until retirement," said Mike Bowman. "We knew we wanted to travel and spend quality time with our grandson, so we jumped at the chance to live the RV lifestyle."

Mike, and his wife, Jeanna, bought a 2016 Open Range Light, which is big enough for them and some guests.

"We have our children and grandson camp with us all the time. It's a lot of fun to cook out, go swimming and kayaking, then come back to the air-conditioned RV."

The experts at Southern RV Wholesale recommend starting early with your RV retirement plan. About two years before you take the plunge, get into a camper so you can fully enjoy it once you retire. Doing it one weekend at a time will help you decide what kind of traveling you want to do. You can park it at a campground, or you can crisscross your way across the country, visiting all the sites you've dreamed of discovering.

"We decided to park our RV at a camp ground on the river," said Mike. "When we have time on the weekends and holidays, we go down to the water to relax. I like to fish in my kayak, and Jeanna spends her time at the pool. There are plenty of activities for us to do together, too."

The staff at Southern RV Wholesale helps customers get into the RV of their dreams every day. Their mission statement is:
"Building lasting relationships with our partners and employees while serving the recreational and travel community. Our core values shall be based on Honesty and Integrity and Service to the Community."

They provide convenience for customers in the Tennessee Valley, plus their staff provides a wealth of knowledge about the product. You can tour and test drive their on-site inventory before you buy.

Plus, you can't beat the service. Many dealers put their purchasing customers first when it comes to getting your coach serviced. You will experience the value your local dealer can add to your purchase.

"We haven't had many problems, but if we have a question, the customer service department is quick to answer our call and help us out," said Mike. "Plus, they're so close, we can stop by with any questions we have."

So is this your year? If you're considering purchasing an RV, Southern RV Wholesale in Huntsville on Jordan Lane can help you find the right one for your family.

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