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Alabamians go across state line as Powerball reaches $435 million

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Nearly half-a-billion dollars is up for grabs in Saturday night's Powerball drawing.

Alabama is one of six states without a lottery, so plenty of Alabamians are making the trip into Tennessee to take their chances at the big prize.

The lines aren't as long as they were in early 2016 when the Powerball jackpot reached a record $1.6 billion, but lottery retailers have seen an increasing flow of people buying tickets for the past couple of weeks as the jackpot has risen. 

The clerks at T&T Beer and Tobacco in Ardmore, Tenn., said they were swamped Friday night, and they expected the crowds to grow as the 9 p.m. deadline to buy a ticket approaches.

There was a steady line of people, many of them from Alabama, there Saturday afternoon hoping to hit the $435 million jackpot, which is the 10th highest jackpot Powerball history.

Some play the lottery on a regular basis, others only when the prize gets higher.

All of the people we talked with did have one thing in common; they have plans for all that money if they beat the 292-million-to-one odds and win.

"A couple hundred million bucks in the bank? Why not, you know? Pay off everyone's debt. My family, extended family. When you've got that kind of money, you know, find a good charity eventually, and hopefully take that money and do some good with it," said Tennessee resident Drew Anderson.

"Houses and cars and boats. The whole package there. But, I mean, my main thing would be my kids. I would have to put a good set amount for each of my children. And my brothers and sisters," said Bill Bailey of Madison.

Be sure to have those tickets out Saturday night when we reveal the winning numbers tonight on WAFF 48 News at 10.

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