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Liaison gives update on Redstone horse stables closure

(Source: Garrison PAO Chris Colster) (Source: Garrison PAO Chris Colster)
(Source: WAFF) (Source: WAFF)

A liaison has now been appointed for the Redstone horse stables' patrons and the garrison.

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Robert Schumann spoke exclusively to WAFF 48 News about the current situation. Schumann said the documents requested by the horse owners will soon be in their hands, including the structural reports of the condemned barns and the monthly inspection reports.

Schumann also said that because the buildings have been condemned, they had the owners close off the stables to the horses. They had the animals out in the pasture all day.

Now they're allowing the horses to stay in the paddocks connected to the stables with cover, but they'll still be kept safe in the stables.

"The garrison commander's primary responsibly is the safety of the workforce and the patrons on Redstone Arsenal. He's not going to let someone get hurt in one of those buildings, not on his watch. Obviously, the perfect outcome is every horse is resettled in a new location safely. That's what - both sides - that's what we all want. We want these horses happy and healthy,” said Schumann.

This situation started in April when the garrison announced the closure of the stables. The owners were given a tight deadline of only a few weeks. Now they've extended the closure out another three months to Oct. 31.

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One horse owner said they're very happy to be given more time.

“The garrison has kinda looked and said, 'Yeah, we may have stepped a little too fast, too far.' They've kinda backed up and they've kinda realized, 'Yeah, these horses are important to these people. They're like their children.’ They're trying to help us, which is good, real good,” said Rae Smith.

In the meantime, many of the owners are still scouring for new homes for their horses.

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