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Huntsville officers show off moves during Cotton Row Run

(Source: Deborah Hosmer/Facebook) (Source: Deborah Hosmer/Facebook)

Runners participating in the 2017 Cotton Row Run weren't the only ones working up a sweat on Monday. 

Three officers with the Huntsville Police Department broke into an impromptu dance party when the Village People classic, "YMCA" blasted over the event speakers. 

The officers appear to have been assisting with foot traffic at a crosswalk when the song started. 

The Huntsville Police Department shared the video to its page on Monday night saying quote, "When "YMCA" kicks off, you can't just be a bystander!"

Bystander Debbie Hosmer captured the moment and posted it on her Facebook page. Hosmer said the fun run had just started when the song started. She credits the video's popularity to the rawness of the moment. 

"Music connects all people and to see the young officers let their hair down and be seen as 'real' people won everyone's heart over," said Hosmer. 

"I think we lose sight of them being our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers. To see them in a light-hearted moment with a runner and kid just struck a common note in us all," she added. 

The video has been shared more than 1,800 times since it was posted Monday morning. 

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