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Huntsville war veteran remembers fallen heroes


A Huntsville man who served in three wars is remembering his fellow soldiers who died while serving our country.

Alan Metzger is a 98-year-old veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

"I used to stand in my office in Vietnam, and I could look out the window and I could watch the battle going on. "
Metzger said he had some close calls while serving overseas.
"A sharpshooter tried to kill me but he missed,” said Metzger. “He fired three shots at me and he missed me every time."

 He said it's a blessing he was never injured.
"I was very fortunate the Lord looked after me."

He now has a box full of medals for his 40 years of service in the Army.

"The medal that means the most to me, I got the Legion of Merit for my service in Sicily."

 He doesn't remember how many lives were lost in the wars he served, but he knows many soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice.

"A lot of families had to sacrifice a lot."
He's turning 99 in a few days.

Even though he's legally blind now, he still plans to enjoy his birthday celebration.

"I feel great. I feel like I'm about 40,” said Metzger.


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