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Valley residents wonder how health care will change under GOP plans

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The Republican House health care plan will reduce the deficit by $119 billion, but it would also leave 23 million people without health care. That means people right here in the Valley will be affected.

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A Huntsville family doctor said a lot still needs to be done to reform health care and make it less expensive.

"I really appreciate because one day I may need it," said Huntsville resident Laura Carroll.

At age 70, Carroll is thankful to have health care insurance with Medicare because for many years, she didn't have any.

The Congressional Budget Office's report shows 23 million people will not have health care based on the Republican House plan.

Howard believes removing the mandate requiring people to buy insurance, which will mean a lot of young people will go uninsured.

"Are willing to risk that against their age and the likelihood that they would need health care then they may not be insured," Howard said.

The Republican House believes their plan will reduce health care premiums

Howard said the elephant in the room is if you're looking at reducing costs, what's not being addressed is portability. That's the ability for insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines.

"Let them compete all over just like we do with car insurance or life insurance or anything like that," Howard said.

The CBO's report found that the bill will cut the deficit, but that leaves Carroll left to wonder how it will affect her coverage under Medicare.

"I think we need to get closer to balancing the budget, but seniors are not the way to do it," said Carroll.

The Republican-controlled Senate plans to go behind closed doors for a bill of their own. That vote is not expected until at least August.

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