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Blind north Alabama girl wins state literature title

Julia Fleming (Source: WAFF) Julia Fleming (Source: WAFF)

Have you ever used an excuse like "I didn't see that"? Well, you no longer have that as an excuse thanks to an incredible young lady from Arab. She's a state champion who you have to see, even if she can't.

If you want to keep up with 12-year-old Julia Fleming, you'd better have your running shoes on. She's in a hurry to get where's going without worrying about any obstacles.

"Some people say that I inspire people. That's good, but it's not my life goal to inspire people," she said.

Even though she definitely does inspire people with her energy, poise and intelligence.

"She's an inspiration to all of us, all that's she's been able to accomplish," said Mary Anne Crowder, Julia’s AP English teacher.

The latest accomplishment for this 6th grader is winning a state literature title in Alabama for students in grades four though through six. They had to take a book they'd read and write a letter to the author who wrote it, explaining how it impacted their lives.

Her book was "Escape From Camp 14" written by Blaine Hardin. It's about the horrific living conditions in North Korea and eventual escape to the west by a man named Shin.

She entered the contest without telling anyone she's blind.

"It's now about me being blind. It's about how this book inspired me," Julia said.

"Julia is an amazing young lady. She has never let her disability hold her back," Crowder said.

Julia's passion for this book and the plight of people living under the dictatorship in North Korea are very evident.

"They don't have a voice because their government is Communist and they can't talk unless they're permitted," she said. "As Americans, we can't imagine that. These camps are like concentration camps."

This incredible young lady has also written some books, including one, "Seymour the Snake," which was published. It chronicles the adventures of a visually impaired snake.

Julia wants to live an ordinary life, but that's not possible. With her talents and determination, she's destined to live an extraordinary life.

Julia is now in the running for a national title in this contest. She would be the first student from Alabama to win it if she does.

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