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Progressive group members say some denied access to Rep. Brooks' office

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Supporters of the nonpartisan progressive group called Indivisible in North Alabama say their movement is being blocked. And some members of the progressive grassroots organization say they are concerned because they don't have direct access to their congressman's office.

WAFF 48 News uncovered why this group says it's a struggle to get behind the doors of Rep. Mo Brooks' Huntsville office.

On Monday, members of the Indivisible group say they were exercising their rights by peacefully protesting across the street from Lanier Ford building where the congressman's offices are housed. But they feel those same rights were intrigued upon when some of their supporters were turned away after they attempted to deliver a letter to the congressman inside of the building.

WAFF 48 spoke with Linda Meigs and Susan Stewart, both members of Indivisible Alabama District 5.

Stewart said she only wanted to deliver a letter to the congressman's office that expressed concern for the new health care bill he voted for. But she said when she stepped foot inside, she faced some opposition.

“’A man stopped me. He wasn't wearing a uniform. He didn't have a badge. But he stopped me as I was crossing the lobby and said, 'Where are you headed?'" Steward said. "I said I was going to see my representative. I'm a constituent."

Stewart said the man told her she needed to schedule an appointment. Shortly after the conversation, he finally escorted her to the representative's office. Yet some others still weren't allowed in.

WAFF 48  reached out to Brooks' office. They said they have an open door policy and welcome all correspondence from their constituents.

However, the Lanier Ford building is a privately owned and operated building with its own security team. We talked to one of the guards and found out they can use their own discretion as to who is allowed inside the building to ensure safety and security of all of the businesses and organizations.

In this case, it appears that one of Indivisible members may have encountered one of the guards.

We’re still waiting on a call back from the building manager.

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