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Retired Alabama pastor survives vicious dog attack

Gary Haymon, a retired pastor, was attacked by a dog in Rainsville. (Source: WAFF) Gary Haymon, a retired pastor, was attacked by a dog in Rainsville. (Source: WAFF)

A retired DeKalb County pastor is recovering after a vicious dog attack.

The Rev. Gary Haymon is dealing with these injuries the best he can and just happy he's around to talk about it.

"I just thank God I'm alive. I thought that was the end of me. I thought I was going to die under that dog," he said.

Haymon spent two days in the hospital after a vicious dog attack on Thursday. He said it happened while he was walking to his car after visiting some of his family on White Street.

"By this time I thought, 'I'm dying. He's going to kill me.' I felt helpless. I thought there's no way out of this," said Haymon.

A relative with a golf club came to Haymon's rescue.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened in Rainsville.

"I looked up and there was four more dogs coming at me and they all just jumped on me," said Mary Katherine Carroll.

Carroll said she was attacked by dogs in 2012.

She worked to have the city council stiffen up their dog ordinance. But she's not surprised at what happened to Haymon.

"They got some complaints and then quickly overturned it because they got a few phone calls and we're back to square one," said Carroll.

"We don't have a true, what I call a true leash law," said Mayor Roger Lingerfelt.

Lingerfelt said a governmental group is being paid $25,000 to go over their ordinances. He feels this current dog ordinance needs to have a second look.

"For the ordinance side of it, I think we need to give them an opportunity to fix our ordinance," said Lingerfelt.

Under the current ordinance, Police Chief Kevin Smith says the dog that attacked Haymon may be released to its owner on Sunday after it was quarantined after the attack.

Meanwhile, the dog's owner has been cited under the current ordinance and is due in court on June 27.

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