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Popular fidget spinner toys claim to help with focus

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Fidget spinners are the latest craze flying off the shelves at retailers across the nation right now. The toys are described as a twirling gadget that can be utilized to help children with problems like ADD, autism and anxiety. 

The small toys, usually made of metal or plastic, are making quite the stir in area schools because some parents and teachers feel they could potentially do more harm than good. However, some parents of special needs kids say they find the little devices to be a big help to their child's study habits.

These "toys" are not just for the kids, plenty of adults are using them as well.

Philip Denton is an industrial designer for a plastics company in Madison. He was recently diagnosed with ADHD after being tested as a child, but feels he "beat" the test back then.

"A lot of my design friends from back in college are good friends with machinists and developers who make these little fidget gadgets. And I saw one of my friends make a post about how he was dealing with his airport anxiety with one of these little fidget spinners. So, I started looking into it and figured I would give it a shot", said Denton.

He has noticed a big change in just one week since purchasing the fidget spinner. He is no longer constantly grabbing his face and nervously tugging at his hair. Overall, Philip feels much more focused on what he is doing at any given time and has noticed a great reduction in his anxiety levels as well.

The gadget has even become a part of his checklist whenever he gets ready to go somewhere.

You can try to find the toy in major retail stores, but your best bet is most likely online retailers like Amazon.com

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