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Rep. Brooks faces social media backlash for health comments


North Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks is facing an avalanche of criticism on social media for comments he made during a CNN interview with Jake Tapper Monday afternoon. Click here to see the full interview. 

Rep. Brooks tells Tapper he now supports the latest effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Four minutes into the interview, Tapper asks Brooks about insurance being available to people with pre-existing conditions. Brooks said “My understanding is that it will allow insurance companies to require people who have higher insurance costs to contribute more to the insurance pool. That helps offset all these costs, thereby reducing costs to people who lead good lives, who are healthy, they’re doing things to keep their bodies healthy and right now those are the people who are doing things the right way that are seeing their costs skyrocket.”

That comment is being seized on social media, with voters and Washington insiders alike taking aim at Brooks. Journalist Kurt Eichenwald called him “arrogant” and “ignorant”. Economist Justin Wolfers said Brooks doesn’t seem to understand what insurance is. And voters are chiming in, asking Brooks if their pre-existing conditions are the result of not leading a good life. Brooks’ Facebook page is inundated with outraged comments.

However, Brooks seemed to undermine those arguments by what he said a few moments later in that same interview, adding  “Now, in fairness, a lot of these people with pre-existing conditions, they have those through no fault of their own. And, I think our society, under those circumstances, needs to help.”

What do you think? Is the criticism of Congressman Brooks fair, or is he being taken out of context? Comment on this story now on our Facebook page. 

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